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Connect & Pop

A simple game that is more than simple!

Classic or Pop?

Connect & Pop is based on the old-time classic strategic game Connect Four. In the classic version of the game the goal is to connect... more...
four or more pieces of your color horizontally, vertically or diagonally. In the pop version you have the additional option to remove one of your pieces from the last row of the board. Even though it sounds easy, this move has a catch! What's that? You have to try it if you want to find out!


To make things more exciting we made the board bigger! A 10x7 board guarantees not only more fun but stronger challenge as... more...
well comparing to the traditional 6x7 board! The more pieces you drop the more difficult is to win! If you're up for a good challenge, this is your game! The only question is if you are willing to fight till the end!

Game Center

Probably you already know what Game Center is all about. If you don't, here are some tips: you can invite your friends to play with you... more...
you can challenge them or even fight over the first place in the leaderboards, no matter how far they are (even if they are in a galaxy far far away)! And if you prefer to spend some personal quality time, you have the chance to "master the craft" and complete more than 30 achievements!

What if...?

Game Center is one thing. What if you don't want to use it, or you just don't want to create an account? In that case you can play with... more...
your friends over wi-fi or bluetooth. Additionally, you have the option to play on the same device! Just choose the pass 'n' play mode and start playing together! And don't forget: this game is universal, which means it runs in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well!

It is family business!

In the single player mode we made five different levels of difficulty instead of three, which is the most common! Why? Because... more...
this is a family game and everyone has different skills and experience depending on their age! So it doesn't matter if you're beginner or expert, we guarantee that you will find a suitable level for you to practice and enjoy the game! And if you consider yourself to be a strong player, here is a warning: winning in the master level is going to be a very difficult task!

Last but not least!

They say that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"! With that being said, we designed beautiful graphics for all retina displays... more...
(and yes, they are optimized for iPhone 5 too)! Furthermore, we found a way to make background music more pleasing and amusing! It changes in so many ways that you won't get bored with it! And in case you want to listen your own music, go ahead and do it! We won't hold it against you! :)